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idefyyoustars's Journal

Pumpkin fields.
3 December
a bronx tale, actors, adam brody, adobe, animation, animation shop, animations, antonin dolohov, art, bellatonin, bellatrix lestrange, bellatrix lestrange/antonin dolohov, bellatrix/antonin, ben jelen, blink 182, bon jovi, books, boys, cassandra claire, chad michael murray, christmas, daphne greengrass, daphne greengrass/jack sloper, daphne/jack, dashboard confessional, dirty dancing, disney movies, doug robb, draco malfoy, dreams, ehather, fan art, fan fiction, fan-fiction, fanfiction, florence, fonts, fredelope, friends, fun, gangs of new york, george weasley, giggling, good writing days, grease, growing pains, happiness, harry potter, harry potter icons, harry potter roleplaying, harry potter rpg, having 150 interests, hermione/ron, hprpg, html, ice cream, icon, icon-making, icons, image ready, instant messaging, italy, jack dawson, jack sloper, jake gyllenhaal, james franco, japhne, jaq, jimmy eat world, joaquin phoenix, john mayer, johnny depp, jude law, k. bundy, k. bundy/s. fawcett, katie bell, katie bell/george weasley, katorge, kevin bundy/sarah fawcett, kevorah, kirsten dunst, konstantine, languages, lavender brown, lavender brown/seamus finnigan, lavender/seamus, leonardo dicaprio, leonardo dicaprio movies, literature, lord of the rings, love, m. night shyamalan, marvin's room, men in eyeliner, music, my friends, new york, new york city, novels, oliver wood, original fiction, orlando bloom, otp, penelope clearwater, percelope, photo shop, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, potter pals, potter puppet pals, puerto rico, ravenclaw, reading, roger davies, role playing, roleplaying, rome, romeo and juliet, romeo montague, rpg, ryan phillippe, s. fawcett, sean biggerstaff, shakespeare, singing, sleeping, something corporate, sorrento, spiderman, spongebob squarepants, squee, sugarcult, teh, the ataris, the aviator, the bronx, the internet, the village, tinkerbell, titanic, tom felton, troy, tutorials, venice, verona, wang, what's eating gilbert grape?, words, writing